Hygiene Info

It is even more important to brush and floss regularly when you have braces on. Once your braces have been placed, a member of our team will review the proper methods for brushing and flossing around your braces. Flossing with a floss threader and brushing with a soft bristle tooth brush two to three times daily will keep your teeth healthy throughout your treatment. For more detailed information on brushing and flossing with braces click here.

Patients who do not keep their teeth clean require more frequent visits to the dentist for cleanings. In some cases, patients with poor dental hygiene require additional procedures to relieve inflamed gum tissue or to restore teeth that have developed cavities.

Patients with a history of periodontal disease should see a periodontist regularly in order to maintain a state of periodontal health throughout treatment.

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An in-person consult will give you an opportunity to discuss your treatment goals with Dr. Moody, as well as tour our state-of-the-art office. At your consult, Dr. Moody will review your medical and dental histories and examine your teeth. He will then recommend a treatment type, explain the treatment plan, and provide an estimated treatment length. During the visit we will also review all financial info, insurance coverages, and provide flexible payment plans. If desired, most patients can start treatment the same day.