Emergency Information

There are very few orthodontic emergencies, however if you are experiencing excessive pain/discomfort or are unsure of the nature of the issue please call us as soon as possible. Majority of complications can be accommodated with proper orthodontic care whenever the clinic is open. However, in most cases orthodontic issues that arise may be remedied at home while you await your next scheduled appointment. Below are some common issues and orthodontic care home remedies. If it is a true emergency, please dial emergency medical services to get the proper orthodontic care you might need.

What do I do if my spacer comes out?

If one of your spacers has fallen out or become damaged please call us and we will arrange to have it replaced if necessary. If your next scheduled appointment is just a couple days away then replacement of your spacers is likely unnecessary. If both spacers beside one of your molars have come out and your next appointment is 3 or more days away, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

What do I do if my wire comes loose?

If your wire is dislodged first attempt to reinsert it using a clean set of tweezers. If the wire is too stiff to be reinserted, try securing the wire with wax in the area that it is causing discomfort, then call the office so that arrangements can be made to repair it. If the wire must be cut, some light and flexible wires may be cut with a clean set of fingernail clippers while you await your next appointment.

What do I do if I have a loose bracket?

If you notice that one of your brackets is sliding on your wire, missing, or no longer bonded to your tooth, please call our office so a repair appointment can be made. If the wire must be cut, some light and flexible wires may be cut with a clean set of fingernail clippers while you await your next appointment.

My appliance or retainer no longer fits.

If your retainer or appliance no longer fits properly or is causing discomfort, please call our office as soon as possible so an appointment can be made to assess and correct the issue.

What do I do if I lost my retainer?

If you have misplaced or lost your retainer it is imperative that you return as soon as possible for a replacement. Being without a retainer for several days will likely result in undesired tooth movement and the need for additional treatment.

One of my colored ties come off my tooth.

Colored elastic ties and chains are often used to secure your wires to your brackets. Occasionally you may damage a colored rubber tie or have a colored rubber tie fall off of your tooth. If this occurs give us a call so we can assess the need for a replacement.

Comprehensive or Phase II treatment occurs when a patient has majority permanent teeth (typically ages 12 and older). The goal of Phase II is to position all the permanent teeth as well as maximize their appearance and function. This is best accomplished with traditional braces or Invisalign.

My tooth is loose, is this normal?

During the course treatment you may notice that some of your teeth are slightly mobile or loose. A small amount of tooth movement is normal with braces and the orthodontist is closely monitoring the condition of all of your teeth during treatment. If you are concerned about a tooth in particular please discuss this with the orthodontist at your next appointment.

Some of my teeth are sore, is this normal?

As your teeth are relocated and aligned you may experience occasional mild discomfort or soreness. You should never be in severe pain during your treatment. If this is the case please return to our office immediately so the situation can be evaluated. No appointment is needed.

I lost the supply of rubber bands I was given.

Wearing elastics in the manner, for the duration per day, and of the type recommended by the orthodontist is necessary. If you have misplaced your elastics or are unsure how to wear them please call our office so an appointment can be made. Wearing someone else’s elastics or purchasing your own is not recommended and can compromise the results of your treatment.

Some of the glue placed on my back teeth is missing?

Occasionally a layer of blue glue (buildups) may be bonded on top of your molars to temporarily prop your bite open that it does not interfere with the braces. If all or a portion of the blue buildup comes out, please give us a call so that an appointment can be made to repair them.

Contact Us

An in-person consult will give you an opportunity to discuss your treatment goals with Dr. Moody, as well as tour our state-of-the-art office. At your consult, Dr. Moody will review your medical and dental histories and examine your teeth. He will then recommend a treatment type, explain the treatment plan, and provide an estimated treatment length. During the visit we will also review all financial info, insurance coverages, and provide flexible payment plans. If desired, most patients can start treatment the same day.